That's me over there. I'm Stacey. 21 years old. British. A student (currently working my way towards an English and Film Studies degree to be precise.) I like animals, alcohol, books, film, TV, pretty boys, wise older men, food and sex. You'll find that that makes up the majority of my blog, I also moan a lot, I mean in general terms not in the sexual sense although that's good too. I'm sure you'll find a lot of moaning in here. I'm generally quiet boring really. Sorry.

"His sister sat in a puddle of wine, cradling her son’s body. Her gown was tom and stained, her face white as chalk.The boy is gone, Cersei,”  Lord Tywin said. He put his gloved hand on his daughter’s shoulder [… ] She did not hear. It took two Kingsguard to pry loose her fingers, so the body of King Joffrey Baratheon could slide limp and lifeless to the floor.”

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I wish stretch marks for women were like beards are for men. Symbols of growth and maturity, something younger versions of ourselves can’t wait to see on our bodies. Something unique. Something worth showing. Things unique to women are not purely sexual.